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Heather wearing Sympli’s Rapt pant ($178) and Desigual’s newest Natalia Jacket ($238) with a classic Susan Eastman silk scarf ($88). Also wearing Bernie Mev’s Cha Cha flat ($88).

February 2017

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Heather’s Notebook
The Art of Becoming You L.I.F.E.S.T.Y.L.E.
Women’s Heart Health Month
Be Style Now!
Sympli Trunk Show

Heather’s Notebook


“Be the one who loves you the most.”


The Power of Color, Style and Adornment

unnamed-5-1Each morning ask yourself this important question: “What can I do today to be the one who loves me the most?”

It could start by treating yourself to something special for breakfast that’s really good for you like a blended drink made with fresh greens. Or perhaps by taking time to stretch or work-out, or walk for 20 minutes to get your heart going.

Another way to love yourself the most is by spending quality time with friends, family and pets that make you smile from the inside out (and lower your blood pressure).

Color is mood food and I invite you to celebrate the Art of Being You each day and give thought to how a color such as red will light up your day and your mood.

When you wear red, you can splash it on your nails, your lips, or of course have it in something you wear–a dress, a coat, a pair of socks, a pair of gloves or (oh heaven!) a pair of red shoes.


“I selected the color [red] because it is engaging, flirtatious, memorable, and the color of passion.”
~ Christian Louboutin

“Be the one that loves you the most”, our month’s guiding quote, was first encountered by Annie Main, owner (with her husband Jeff) of local Good Humus Farm. While on a personal retreat in Boldega Bay last year, she came across a “YIELD” street sign with the phrase “Be the one who loves you the most” scrawled beneath it. That was it. She knew immediately that she had stumbled across a gem.


We are living in grey times, the idea that color can be our mood food each day and that we can use it to inspire us to be our best in the world is simple and at the same time a  fascinating concept.

Amalfi is the color of the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. The color Amalfi, like the sea, brings tranquility to the times.

In a grey world, it’s crucial that we be intentional with how we strive to be our best self. Laporte suggests that we have a handful of words that we use to structure our day–a process she calls “Desire Mapping”. Danielle Laporte is a speaker, a poet, a painter, and a former business strategist. Her philosophy and techniques can be overlapped with many different concepts and strategies for a healthy, successful lifestyle.

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.

When you get dressed, it’s important to know what words are important for your success that day so that you can align your personal intentions. It’s a big part of how you can dress authentically and find your style voice. Your style muse is within you.

 Cutloose Amalfi blue outfit with modelAfter my buying trip, I am excited to announce new lines that will be coming to The Wardrobe this fall.

We will begin carrying Comfy U.S.A. a line that aims to produce items that are fashionable, comfortable, high quality. Modern yet timeless, the fabrics are care free and perfect for travel.Another new classic out of Canada, Robert Kitchen will be joining us. Classic yet casual wear that can transition from office to weekend.

I also got a taste of the new Cutloose (left) we will be seeing at our Trunk Show on April 8th!

Colorfully yours,

Heather Caswell








Heather’s Favorites

Heather Caswell in our new line Dolcezza. Dress ($118) and matching scarf ($48). Also wearing Paul Green Trisha shoe ($285).


Heather Caswell in our new line Dolcezza. Dress ($118) and matching scarf ($48). Also wearing Paul Green Trisha shoe ($285).


Brooke Brandow in Sympli Energy Tunic ($188) and Tube Skirt ($128) accented with a CNS Scarf ($48)

Brooke Brandow in Sympli Energy Tunic ($188) and Tube Skirt ($128) accented with a CNS Scarf ($48)

MaryAda DeFelice in Salaam Molly Dress ($108) holding Desigual's red leather jacket ($168). Also wearing Nicole peep-toe pumps ($138).

MaryAda DeFelice in Salaam Molly Dress ($108) holding Desigual’s red leather jacket ($168). Also wearing Nicole peep-toe pumps ($138).


L.I.F.E.S.T.Y.L.E.         with Lynn Matsuda

There is tremendous power in aligning with the things you love. Let lifestyle coach Lynn Matsuda help you lighten up your closet this year through downsizing. Getting rid of personal stuff like clothes is not usually easy. Being aware of why you are doing it can keep you motivated if it gets challenging. Lynn has the experience and expertise to guide you through the tangle of an over-crowded closet: where to begin, what to keep and why.

Lynn worked with Delaine Eastin last year to help prepare her wardrobe for her run for Governor of the State of California in 2018.

With Lynn’s guidance, Delaine was able to donate 173 pieces of clothing, 73 pieces of lingerie, scarves and nightgowns and 27 pairs of shoes to the Women’s Empowerment Center in Sacramento, a non-profit that helps homeless women get back on their feet through job training.

 Heart graphic: February is Women's Heart Health Month

February is Women’s Heart Health Month


Sympl’s “Fortune” top, $138.                Sympli “Narrow” pant, $118.

The color RED is still very much part of our focus here at The Wardrobe as we celebrate National Wear Red Day all month.

Sympli, the woman-owned Canadian dress wear company we carry at The Wardrobe, has donated red “Fortune” tops, along with “Narrow” black pants as part of our campaign to educate women about cardiovascular disease.
Along with our Winter and Sample Sale that began Sunday January 15th, proceeds will go to The Women’s Cardiovascular Program at U.C. Davis.

Additionally, as participation in Women’s Heart Month, “Red Dress” pins will be available at the store for a donation.

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Monet The Early Years

Cutloose clothing trunk show at the wardrobe


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