Fashion For Thought- November Newsletter

“The Age of the Empowered Woman is Here!”

Heather’s Notebook 

The times they are a changing was a national anthem in the 1960s. It is still ringing true, but for a different reason in the new millennium: WOMEN’S voices are finally becoming more recognized as a force on the planet. This is particularly real in the U.S. where there is the possibility of a woman running our country for the first time in 228 years!

I am grateful for the wonderful women who have enhanced our own Central Valley region. I had the great fortune to thank Margrit Mondavi in person for making it possible for me and The Wardrobe to stay in Davis. Without the Mondavi Center, Davis would be lacking the amazing array of cultural events offered each season. A memorial art garden in Magrit’s honor has been planted next to the brand new Shrem museum.

Margrit Mondavi

What a thrill it was to style Ms. Mondavi at my store. She generously signed and mailed a copy of her book for me, Sketchbook: Reflections on Wine, Food, Art, Family, Romance, and Life. My favorite message from Margrit’s book was to “live life in full color!”


Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem

I was delighted to learn that Maria Manetti Shrem worked for Gucci. She and her husband, Jan Shrem, just donated $20M to help create the fabulous new Shrem Museum on the UC Davis campus opening November 13th.


Amy Goodman and Heather Caswell

Amy Goodman’s voice is heard and seen— as an American broadcast journalist, NPR syndicated columnist, investigative reporter and author. Her television show Democracy Now is carried by 800 stations in the U.S. I had the great fortune of styling Amy Goodman for her TV engagements to promote her book of the same name during her U.S. book tour this summer.


HeatherAsh Amara and Heather Caswell

 I styled HeatherAsh Amara this past month during her book tour (Warrior Goddess Way, Claiming the Woman You Are Destined To Be) kick-off event here at The Wardrobe. We had a wonderful time together, laughing, chatting and sharing notes. Our work compliments each other by supporting and enhancing the art of finding our authentic selves.

Delaine Eastin
Former California Superintendent of Public Instruction

Stanislofsky once said “dress the role and you will become it.” In the case of Delaine Eastin, I hope to witness my own style coaching efforts to do just that. In 1994 Delaine was the first woman (and only, to date) to be elected as the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. And in case you haven’t heard:
Delaine just announced she is running for governor in 2018!

We are truly a remarkable community of women and I am grateful for the opportunity to style all of the extraordinary women who are making such positive impacts on the planet. I hope people will stare at them, because I style to make it worth their while.


Colorfully yours,


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