Fashion For Thought: August 2017

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Music has always been my muse and fashion my vehicle to create music for the eyes. The synergy that you experience at The Wardrobe between music and style is something I call “The Sound of Fashion”.

I am just back from a two week trip to Paris and the UK where I get my best European inspiration. My style is a look and a sound that I describe as “Art Couture”. In 2002, I made a trip to Paris under the semblance that I was traveling to check out the fashion scene. In reality, I was going for the music! That trip was the first time I met DJ Ravin.

I had just gotten off a transatlantic flight. I was jet lagged, it was midnight and I headed straight to the Paris Buddha Bar. That’s how much I had to meet the person behind the music.

This restaurant/lounge, located on the ultra-chic Faubourg St Honore, was created thanks to the visionary imagination of its founder Raymond Visan, owner of the famous Barfly in Paris. It became popular in part because of its choice of eclectic, avant-garde music.

As soon as I set eyes on Ravin, I raised my camera to take a photo and he threw up his hands. I was giddy with excitement— I was meeting the person behind the best music compilations I had ever experienced.

I stayed in Paris for 10 days that trip. On my last night, dressed in newfound Parisian fashions, I went back to the Buddha bar. Calming my nerves, I nonchalantly walked by him and his mixing board pretending not to notice him. But when he said “Bon soir,” I knew it was going to be a magical night—and my sense was absolutely right.

That evening I got the entire Buddha Bar out of their seats and dancing with his music. My artist friend Tracy Villacarrera is my witness—otherwise I would be dreaming. The venue that night was set on fire with Ravin’s music and my love for his sound. The Wardrobe has been turning this region onto The Buddha Bar vibe ever since.

It’s been 8 years since I visited the Paris Buddha Bar and got to be in the presence of DJ Ravin’s sublime mixing. Though Paris is known for its style and fashion, I actually go there for both music and inspiration. “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” – Plato

A great idea has a lot in common with the great melody…

a certain end, a certain clarity, and a kind of instant memorability. Bono came from a long line of salespeople – they sold clothes!

U2 started as a punk rock band from Northern Ireland, Dublin. Fashion rather than philosophy is what has really driven punk rock. Punk rock was Situationalism (the theory that behavior is chiefly response to immediate situations) that you could wear on your T-shirt.

The music scene in the 80s had a lot to do with fashion; it was the reign of fun fashion and style over substance. The grunge look became prominent in the 1990s. This was highly influenced by grunge music that became quite popular during this time period. The clothing was greatly influenced by the hit music groups. It was they who popularized particular clothing styles and trends that simply caught on.The grunge look was particularly followed in 1992.

Over the years I have had numerous team members who were inspired by the Punk Rock movement and lived in all black. Eventually I inspired them to explore the world of color and stop hiding in a monochromatic world.

Colorfully yours,

Heather Caswell





Sweater: $118.00
Jeans: $118.00
L’Amour Des Pieds
Shoes: $258.00

Michael Farrell

Dress: $78.00
Desigual Bag$118.00
Nicole Shoes: $138.00







Top: $128.00
Skirt: $78.00
Clutch: $88.00
Naked Feet Shoes: $148.00





Top: $108.00
Skirt: $148.00
Jewelry by Pamona Purdy







Top: $208.00
Pamt: $178.00
Bernie Mev Shoes: $225.00
Jewelry by Pamona Purdy

Michael Farrell

Tank Dress: $98.00
Pamona Purdy Necklace: $128.00
Bernie Mev Shoes: $198.00
















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