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The Wardrobe fashion for thought

The Wardrobe fashion for thought 2

The fashion for thought newsletter is an opportunity to be the first to know about new updates from your favorite collections. The Wardrobe, an Art Couture Salon located in downtown Davis is a place to experience the joy that comes from discovering one’s truest self through color, beauty, and adornment. Joseph Ribkoff. Lisette. Salaam. Sympli. Tianello. Cut Loose. Desigual. Firefly. Holly Yashi. Bernie Mev. Chalet.  Citron. Dressori. Nomadic Traders. URU.

Following the commencement of Joseph Ribkoff in 1957, the company has been constantly evolving. Joseph Ribkoff has successfully established a global outlook that includes a network of talented corporate sales representatives, distributors and agents who serve the Canadian, US and world markets.

Joseph Ribkoff’s reputation is built on the innovative versatility, affordability and quality of their collections along with their unmatched excellence in customer service. In the midst of an ever-persistent time of growth, Joseph Ribkoff continues to confirm that it is possible to produce for over 55 international markets. The new entrepreneur, Joseph Ribkoff, launched his first collection in 1957 at a time when women’s fashion was undergoing a complete revolution.

All clothing is designed, sewn and produced in Canada (Dorval, Quebec), which is a remarkable feat in today’s fashion world. Today, Joseph Ribkoff proudly stands out as one of the leading exporters in the Canadian fashion industry.